Job Interview Questions
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Interview questions

Interview questions

Interview questions

Interview questions

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Job Interview Questions

It's so easy to get floored by a question you didn't expect at interview. If you find yourself stumbling a bit over your answer, inevitably you begin to look like one of the weaker candidates to the interviewer. Of course, after the interview you may say to yourself "I know what I should have said to that question!", but it will be too late by then - your chance will have gone.

Employers ask everyone the usual questions about their last job, their experience, etc. but often they have several candidates for their job. Simple math tells you that if there are only ten applicants for the job, you have only a one in ten chance of succeeding. And the only thing that will distinguish you from the other candidates is the answers you give. That's the only thing the interviewer has to go on, and you only get one chance.

So it would be great to know in advance what questions you are likely to be asked at your next interview. That's why Prof. David Drennan has incorporated the Top Hundred Interview Questions in his book Interview Success, and provided you with great answers to them all!

Best book on Interviews

But that's not all that's in the book. Prof. Drennan also shows you what will get you an interview in the first place; what a good résumé should look like (with real examples); what a good application letter looks like, with examples; what to prepare for the interview so you are never caught off-guard; how to create a good first impression; how to stay in control during your interview; how to stand out from your competitors; what to do after the interview; and the all-important Do's and Don'ts.

And there's no-one better to give you the key advice you need. As a Professor of Management, he is hugely experienced as an international business consultant, with companies whose logos you see on the left here decorating his long client list. He knows from the inside what companies especially look for in their interviews, and now passes on all that invaluable information directly to you.

Won't this give you an unfair advantage? Yes, and at only $4.99, this has to be one of the best bargains on the net.

Even the best athletes in the world use great coaches to give them an edge over their competition when they really want to win. You can do the same at your next interview with David Drennan on your side.


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