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Job Interview Tips

You may not get every job you apply for, few people do. But you can avoid getting rejected for the wrong reasons. Here’s a few things to be careful about.

  • Companies conduct job interviews mainly because they want to see what each candidate is like face-to-face. Unsurprisingly, they start making judgments about you immediately by how you look and how you act. If you turn up in an unpressed suit with dishevelled hair and untidy shoes, they assume that the carelessness they see in your appearance will be repeated in how you would do the job. That makes them instantly not want to take the risk.

  • Interviewees can do other things that unintentionally put interviewers off. For example, a lady candidate may turn up wafting perfume and looking dressed for a night club rather than an office job. If the interviewer assumes she sees looking good as more important than offering good skills for the job, they may decide the candidate is 'not serious enough' to do the job well. That judgment may be quite wrong of course, but inappropriate dress can cause that reaction.

  • On the other hand, a male candidate may turn up too casually dressed, and lounge in his chair during the interview, looking as if he's not too bothered about the outcome. Sometimes new graduates, having just achieved a good degree after some hard study, will be inclined to a touch of arrogance, or act like they feel the world owes them a living. That will almost always produce a negative response from the employer. No-one wants to employ a bighead, they're just too tiresome.

  • A regular occurrence which annoys interviewers is turning up late. It implies the applicant didn't think the job they applied for was important enough to make an effort for. The interviewer assumes if they can't do this simple thing right at the beginning, then it could be a lot worse later. So they are immediately on their guard. It's a no-no. Don't do it.

  • Although you might think interviewers make only logical decisions, they are all human, just like you and I, and their emotions affect their judgment. If they are put off by something in your behavior at interview, they simply put you on the reject pile. And you may never find out why. They may simply say : “We have a lot of people still to see for this job, so thanks for coming in, we'll let you know . . .”

  • There will almost always be other candidates for any job you apply for. If ten people apply, in theory you have only a one in ten chance of landing the job. So, if you are always likely to be in competition, how do you distinguish yourself from all the others? Well, it isn’t by going along to the interview and hoping for the best. You need the best advice you can get.


Interview tips from a real expert

And you can get that from a real expert here. Professor of Management David Drennan was a top executive with an international company which gets literally thousands of applications for their high-paying jobs every year. His department was responsible for designing the procedures which screened all these candidates and decided who would finally be offered their sought-after jobs.

Now, as consultant to companies whose logos you see here - like Volvo, British Aerospace, Nuclear Electric and many others - he is well aware of what employers are looking for. That insider knowledge gained over more than twenty years in the field, is what he is now ready to share with you. And you can get it all for just $4.99 in

Interview advice to help you win

What you'll find in the book:

  • What a good résumé should look like (with real examples)
  • What a good application letter should look like, with examples
  • What to prepare for the interview so you are never caught off-guard
  • The top 100 favorite interview questions, and great answers to every one
  • How to create a good first impression
  • How to stay in control during your interview
  • how to stand out from your competitors
  • What to do after the interview
  • The all-important Do's and Don'ts.

Available now at only $4.99.


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