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Expert interview advice

Expert interview advice

Expert interview advice


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Job Interviews expert There may be others who offer advice to job-hunters, but none with David Drennan's unique breadth of knowledge and experience.

First, while undertaking his degree in psychology, he became familiar with the whole field of individual testing, conducting a variety of I.Q. tests, personality tests, aptitude tests, and many others. He understands both the structure and intentions behind these kinds of test, and as a result can pass that very useful knowledge on to you.

Second, David was for a number of years a Director of the M & M Mars Group, a company regularly appearing in the ‘The Best Companies to Work For’ lists. Their reputation and outstanding rewards package always resulted in large numbers of applicants for their job positions. They consequently developed some of the most sophisticated interview and selection procedures to enable them to choose candidates who would be most likely to succeed in their work environment. It is these interview techniques on which David draws back the curtain to show you just what is involved, and give you the kind of help which can put you at an advantage versus your competitors.

Third, as Founder of the business consultancy Good People Management International, David counts such well-known companies as Volvo, General Motors, the Bank of England, Pfizer, American Standard, Nuclear Electric, and Barclays Bank among his many clients. The trust these companies have placed in his advice tells you all you need to know about the depth and quality of guidance you will be getting in Interview Success.

Fourth, as a result of his work in the people management field, David was appointed Special Professor of Management at Nottingham University in England in 1986. His research there and work with many clients resulted in his writing several books, including Transforming Company Culture, The Ladders to World Class Performance and Winning The Executive Job Race. David is called to speak on these subjects to audiences around the world.

David writes in a highly readable, no-nonsense, bullet-point style, which is easily understood and put into action. Based as it is on more than twenty-five years of solid experience, the book is bound to give any job-hunter a distinct advantage at their next interview.

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