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Triple your chances of landing the job
you really want

Discover great answers
to all the tough questions interviewers ask

Succeed over other supposedly
'better qualified' candidates

expert on job interviews

Yes, you can do all that with the right advice. And there's no better advice anywhere on the net than you will get from David Drennan.

As Professor of Management and international consultant, he has acted as advisor to all the great companies whose logos you see listed here. He knows from the inside what motivates employers in their hiring decisions, and now he is ready to share his unique knowledge with you.

In his book Interview Success, David Drennan reveals :

  • The vital things to remember in any job interview
  • How to make yourself the kind of person any employer would want to have in their company
  • The Top Hundred Favorite Questions job interviewers ask, with word-for-word answers to them all
  • What to do when you are floored by a question you didn't expect
  • How to stay in control of the interview whatever question you are asked
  • What charms interviewers more than any other single thing
  • The Seven Big Secrets to Landing the Job
  • How to develop a Five Point Plan which will press on all the interviewer's 'hot buttons'
  • How to make sure you will be remembered when all the interviews are over
  • What to do after the interview to help your application along the way

No need to be anxious with David Drennan to act as your guide and mentor. He knows from experience what companies look for most for in their new hires, and you can tap into all that wisdom in the highly readable, bullet-point advice he has packed into :

Best book on Interviews

Now available at only $4.99!

David has seen scores of good candidates ruin their chances at interview, even when they had the right qualifications. Most just cross their fingers and hope they'll be able to get through their interview all right. Having done little forward preparation, they just "play it by ear" and hope they can come up with the right answers.

But often it's some tiny action that loses you the job, and worryingly most people never realize it. The vast majority of interview candidates just don't know they are out of the running long before they get the “we'll be in touch” handshake.

Don't let that happen to you.

Here's what other job-hunters . . just like you . . say about the book

Satisfied customer“I hate to think how many mistakes I could have made before reading this book! It really opened my eyes, especially the FIVE-POINT PLAN advice. And I had never even thought about what you can do after the interview to boost your chances. It made such a difference to me. And I got the job I wanted. Thanks again!”

Julia Crew, Scotland

“This has obviously been written by someone with a complete mastery of the subject. It covered all the points I could think of, yet it is written in an easy style which made me feel the writer was speaking to me. And given the fees David Drennan gets paid when he's working for these big corporations, at $4.99 this book is a real bargain.”

Jim Marsh, South Africa

“There's so much stuff about interviews available in books and on the web these days, it's difficult to know which to choose. Don't bother looking any further, that's my advice. This is the only book you'll need. ”

Mike Demaine, Colorado

Here's what you'll be learning in Interview Success:

Forget Qualifications – It’s The Right Attitude That Counts

  • How to distinguish yourself in the eyes of the employer

  • Stage One - Getting The Interview

  • Résumés, CVs and application letters
  • What a good résumé looks like - examples
  • What a good application letter looks like - examples

  • Stage Two - Getting The Job

  • Planning to win
  • What to prepare so you are never caught off-guard
  • Your one-sheet master plan

  • The Top 100 Interview Questions – and Great Answers to Them All

  • Questions About Previous Employers
  • Questions About The Job
  • Questions About Pay
  • Your Personal Style on the Job
  • Questions About You
  • Tricky Surprise Questions

  • Presenting Yourself on the Day

  • What creates a good first impression

  • The Big Event - The Interview

  • How to set a positive tone from the start
  • How to stay in control throughout

  • After the Interview

  • Helping your application along

  • Do’s and Don’ts

  • Avoiding the traps that could cost you the job

  • Final Words of Advice

  • My best advice to you

  • The Seven Secrets to Landing The Job

  • The stepping stones to success
  • Best book on Interviews

    If you have an important interview ahead, this is a book that can take your confidence to a whole new level. And that's not just our opinion. Here’s how Tanya Zerovsky put it . . .

    “The biggest revelation to me was the idea of the PLAN. Previously I just answered the questions interviewers asked me. Now I know how to get my strong points across whatever the questions are. That one idea has had a great effect on my confidence. And it’s good getting all the advice in nice simple English. Thank you.”

    Matthew Wills told us . . .

    “I got rejected for a job I really wanted recently. So instead of carrying on just playing things by ear, I decided to buy Interview Success. And I have to say it completely changed my approach. In fact, I subsequently got two job offers, and the one I took was even better than the one I was first rejected for. So thanks for the great advice, I’m really glad I got it."

    P. S. The job you do often occupies half of your waking hours every day, sometimes more. It has a huge impact on the overall satisfaction you get from life, on your standard of living, on the kind of lifestyle you are able to lead. It's not something that should just be left to chance, it's too important.

    So arm yourself with the best advice possible. At only $4.99! It's available for download right now, so you can have it all in your hands in the next ten minutes.

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